Who we are.

ISO Quality INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION AND SURVEILLANCE SPEED. TIC. LTD. ISO Quality was established in Egypt in Feb 2014 and opened its first branch in Alex in a short time. ISO Quality INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION AND SURVEILLANCE SPEED. TIC. LTD. Sti. we aim to be one of the most respected organizations in our country in the fields of Documentation, Supervision and Periodical Control without compromising our corporate culture and ethical principles, especially in full compliance with international accreditation rules.

Our approach

In a world of increasing complexity – overloaded with data and opinion – we know that our clients need more than technology to succeed. They need an experienced hand. A partner to listen.

Deep technical

We’re expert in not only understanding the potential in cutting-edge ideas, but applying this pragmatically in ways which guarantee impact today and in the long-term.

Dedication to assurance

We explore every problem thoroughly with exact, analytical precision. We leave no stone unturned and no questions unanswered, to draw accurate conclusions.


We’re committed to doing things the right way to reach the highest standards and best outcomes for all, giving our clients confidence in our decisions every time.

Understanding and empathy

We take time to understand the needs and unique circumstances of our clients and their businesses, to act with judgement, sensitivity and care.


Here are some of them

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 22000:2018

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 14001:2015

CE Marking