ISO 22000:2005

It is the Standard which is based on the implementation phases and principles of HACCP that has been developed by Codex Alimentarius Commision (CAC) and international ISO 9001:2015 and a regular collaboration and management system among all managerial activities of the Corporation has been aimed in order to ensure Food Safety throughout Food Chain, continuous improvement, to analyse all processes, to update, if necessary.

ISO 22000:2005 is an international Standard which has been issued in order to eliminate the experienced complication of management system standard within the corporations at Food Chain.

Who can apply

·         Food Manufacturers

·         Food Suppliers, wholesalers and retailers

·         Packaging and packing materials manufacturers

·         Tohum ve yem üreticileri, (Seed and Feed Manufacturers

·         Farmers

·         Additive Manufacturers

·         Food and Meal Serving Corporations

·         The corporations which contractually work with retailers and food serving corporations

·         Corporations which provides Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution services

·         Service Providing Organisations (Pest Control)

·         Organisations which are indirectly part of Food Chain

·         Organisations which provides Cleaning and Sanitation services

·         Manufacturers which produce materials that are contacting to equipment, cleaning materials and other foods.