CE Marking is a European Union marking that has been prepared in accordance with the scope of New Approach Politics which has been accepted in accordance with the Conformity of Technical Regulations in 1985. CE Marking demonstrates the conformity of the products that are contained the Directives, also demonstrates that these products have successfully passed all necessary Conformity Assessment activities. Furthermore CE Marking is also a sign of the products which are safe and reliable and do not harm the security of human being, lives, and properties, existence of animal and plant as well as the environment, when they are intended used.

Below the list of Directives can be found which played a crucial role, when European Union has reached the goal of being a single market, have been prepared according to the scope of New Approach Politics which comprised the milestone of technical conformity.

The Directives which have been developed according to the New Approach Politics have firstly been issued in 1987. There are now 20 Directives that have been prepared since 1987. There are two major purposes of these Directives. The first purpose is to ensure the free movement of goods in internal market. The second one is to ensure the maximum protection possible, while the first purpose is being realized. The common point of these Directives is that they can be harmonized, the major requirements which have to be applied, the definition of Conformity Assessment Processes and CE Marking usage. The European Union Standardisation Organisations are assigned to prepare the technical specifications which put the conformity forward by a single method according to this Regulation.


  • (95/16/EC) Lift